Pastry Chefs from Escribà confectioner with chocolate Gru Minions

  Easter means holidays, eggs, bunnies… and tons of chocolate!   Did you know that chocolate has played an important role in the economic activity of Barcelona? Actually, the Catalan port was the starting point for the sale and distribution of the product all over Europe. So it’s not difficult to figure out that Barcelona… Read More

Whether you are celiac or follow a gluten-free lifestyle, here are a few tips to consider when travelling to Barcelona >> Check the List of Restaurants suitable for Celiac People. It has been supervised by the Barcelona Restaurant Association and the Celiac Association of Catalonia. >> Download CeliCity, Gluten-free Social Network. Sadly it is only… Read More

  La Fundación Dalí ha organizado por primera vez una exposición dedicada a la faceta escultórica del genio ampurdanés. El lugar escogido ha sido el Castillo de Púbol, que Dalí regaló a Gala, y el protagonista es Busto de mujer retrospectivo, que junto con 16 fotografías de Man Ray, Brassaï o André Caillet, entre otros,… Read More

Quan Norma Editorial estableix el seu magatzem al Poblenou, Daniel Torres, és l’encarregat d’aportar decòrum urbà a un edifici industrial insuls i anodí. Al mural es poden apreciar totes les característiques plàstiques de la línia clara i alhora l’estil inconfusible de Daniel Torres. Durant el franquisme, la historieta – aquest gènere que avui dia anomenem… Read More

Runners in Montjuic

  “If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon” – Emil Zatopek   There is no better way of getting to know a city than running it   This is what Kilian Jornat says, Catalan ski mountaineer and long-distance runner. So considering that next March… Read More