This soup (escudella) is present in almost all Catalan homes on Christmas Eve dinner

Starting on Christmas Eve and finishing on January 6, in Catalunya we have at least 6 special occasions to gather with family and friends to eat and drink. So, if you want to eat at Christmas in the true Catalan-style, these are the musts you can’t miss. December 24 – Christmas Eve: Until recently, dinner… Read More

For 2 days the Born Quarter was buzzing with people walking along its ancient narrow streets. Now and then orange umbrellas popped up, identifying the Walking Tours for La Marató de TV3, the Catalan public TV Telethon. More than 300 people plus 40 children participated in the tours during the weekend 13-14 December. Each adult paid the symbolic… Read More

El Bicing és el transport urbà basat en l’ús compartit de la bicicleta. Un servei senzill, pràctic i sostenible per tot aquell que es vulgui desplaçar per Barcelona, sense fums ni sorolls. Aquest servei respon a criteris de mobilitat Intel·ligent i mobilitat sense emissions, bicing elèctric. En aquest sentit, Barcelona treballa per assolir una mobilitat… Read More