After more than 2 months of an extremely strict lockdown, Barcelona is expected to open up slowly towards a so called ‘new normality’. The good news is that a number of museums reopened their doors after all these weeks, cautiously, and with new rules to balance public safety.

Sagrada Família with no one around during COVID lockdown in Barcelona

Sagrada Família with no one around during COVID lockdown in Barcelona

All and all we’ve had lots of time to think about the future of tourism and how we could adapt to this new reality, and to the new needs of travellers. We racked our brains to find new ways to inspire, entertain and help people discover exiting places. We realized that we actually already had many resources and a strong team of terrific guides to start creating online experiences.


Our new project: guided virtual tours

Aware of the needs of all our dear customers, AND our future customers, and aware of the new, internet mindset of so many more people as a consequence of the COVID- situation; two of our guides started the first live guided virtual tours just a few weeks ago. With  great, positive feedback from the guests from all over the world who booked them online. One of the features that people valued greatly, is that the tours are live and interactive. It adds a lot of value and it’s very entertaining for the participants.

Abel, one of the fathers of our new project.


How does it work?

With these new tours you can access the worlds of Gaudí or Dalí, and discover the secrets of Barcelona from the comfort of your couch. Since this is all sooo new (for us in the first place!), we wanted to be entirely sure of the satisfaction of our guests. So we offer a 100% refund policy with no questions, in case someone is not completely satisfied…

Tours are available in English, Spanish and Catalan. We have started with the Casa Batlló, Sagrada Família and Dalí Museum, which one is your favourite?

The Casa Batlló, a myriad of colours and shapes. You can learn all about it from home. Click here to learn more.


La Sagrada Família, the jewel in the crown of Gaudí’s work. Now from your home. Click here to learn more.


The Dalí Museum without leaving your couch. Click here to learn more.


BGB and Friends of the Elderly

COVID has changed everybody’s life drastically, but we know that especially the elderly suffer significantly from social isolation and loneliness these days. So we decided to give this whole experience even more value by allocating 5% of each booked tour to an association called ‘Friends of the elderly’ (Amics de la Gent Gran) thus giving them more funds to assist the elderly people and alliviate their loneliness.

BGB collaborates with Friends of the Elderly

BGB collaborates with Friends of the Elderly


We encourage you to become part of this new adventure, to travel from the comfort of your couch, from the safety of your own home, until the day comes that you can take a plane again, and we can meet alive. We will be delighted to help you plan that trip!

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