Get ready for a trip can be as excited as difficult and sometimes you can miss important details to watch or take care of. What a better way to have a trip that following the advices of the local people… and if they are tourism professionals, even better. One of the indubible visits you should do if you visit Catalonia is the mountain of Montserrat that hides as much history as legends. But follow these useful tips that we will give you, if you do not want to get lost in the way.

1. Spend the minimum time to get to the Monastery: 

Instead of the cable car or funicular that go from the bottom of the mountain to the monastery, take the zip car to Sant Joan Chapel, it’s higher than the monastery and will give you a unique perspective of the mountain. Also the funicular is a great experience you must try if you visit Montserrat.

Funicular of Santa Cova

Funicular of Santa Cova


2. Dress warmer than the city:

It’s not far (it is about 1 hour with the bus) but you will be surprised that it can be quite chilly. Instead, if you are visiting the mountain during the summer do not forget your suncream becuase the sun is really strong in Spain.

Group of visitors during the winter

Group of visitors during the winter in Montserrat

3. Avoid Sundays:

If you can get there in the afternoon, when there are less people it will be the best option you can go for. You will experience one of the most spiritual and mystical moments of the day during the sunset.

Sunset in Montserrat mountain

Sunset in Montserrat mountain


4. Want to listen to the Boys’ Choir?

The evening mass will give you the mystical experience, as there aren’t the crowds you find during the morning. Also, check out the schedule because the boys are not singing every day as they have concerts and holidays! Our guides know everything about them, have a look and listen to the prayer of the Vespres, sung by the Boys’ Choir Escolania.

Voices of Montserrat during a concert

Voices of Montserrat during a concert


5. Want to walk?

The best itinerary for trekking: Take the zip car to Sant Joan chapel and start walking from a higher spot, it will take you much farther and higher than if you start from the monastery. are you brave enough?

Hicking in Montserrat towards Sant Jeroni

Trekking in Montserrat


6. Nip into the museum:

You will be surprised with its impressive collection. The Museum of Montserrat has an extensive collection with paintings by Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, El Greco and many other collections including archeological pieces from the Ancient World to vanguard art. It has even treasures from ancient Egypt! The mummy is one of the most impressive art pieces.

the museum has a mummy

The museum has a mummy

7. Enjoy a taste of local delicatessens:

Don’t miss the food market that you will find on your way. There the local merchants sell their natural and artisanal products such as eucalyptus honey or rosemary honey; «mató» (typical Catalan cheese) mixed with honey, salted or sweet cakes, nuts and quince… You will get surprise: they can speak basic sentences also in Korean and Japanese.

Local market

Local market

8. Light a candle:

And ask your wish to the Lady of Montserrat, popularly known as La Moreneta (the Dark Virgin) because of her colour. She is in the Abbey. It is a 12th-century Romanesque polychrome carving figure.

Candles to have luck in the lottery draw


9. Choose the best tour for you: 

The options you have are many but check the reviews of the visitors before booking. Even if you prefer a tour in group or a private tour. Or the combination between the visit to the Montserrat mountain and a cava, like Codorniu cavas. 

Fresh, sparkling, delicious… the Catalan cava of Codorniu

Fresh, sparkling, delicious… the Catalan cava of Codorníu


10. Get close to la Moreneta, black Madonna:

La Moreneta has a baby Jesus on her arms and a ball on her hand. Don’t forget to go inside the Abbey and touch the sacred ball before light a candle! The feast of the Black Madonna, Patron Saint of Catalonia, is celebrated on the 27th of April. Its celebrations include “castellers” (human towers), dances such sardanas (the traditional Catalan Dance) and Masses.

La Moreneta - Black Madona

Visitor touching La Moreneta – Black Madona

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