El Paral·lel 1898-1939 Exhibition at CCCB

El Paral·lel 1898-1939 Exhibition at CCCB


Staging a production as abundant as surprising, this exhibition explains why a new entertainment area emerged in the city, leading the weight of the theatrical performances in Barcelona over 40 years.

El Paral·lel emerges from the project to extend the city designed by Ildefons Cerdà. Once opened in 1894, this avenue was a leisure district for the masses, a genuine cultural expression, perfectly comparable to those existing in other major European urban agglomerations at that time. From its birth, this set of demonstrations were a reflection of the popular culture of the time, the result of social and political conflict that characterized the Barcelona first half of the twentieth century.

The exhibition includes photographs, audiovisual materials, audio documents, books, brochures, magazines, posters, costumes and objects. The visual arts form the basis of the various sections of the exhibition.

From October 26, 2012 to february 24, 2013 in CCCB

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