There is a place, less than one hour by car from Barcelona, where you can find nature and culture a few meters from the sky.

Montserrat Mountain

Breathtaking views from Montserrat

The legend tells us that some shepherds were walking along the mountain and found a “black Madonna” figure in a cave 1200 metres high. They called the place “Holy Cave”. The virgin is from S. XII and is affectionately called “La Moreneta” due to her dark colour. Benedictine monks built, in her honour, a monastery and the Montserrat’s Basilica. The “Modernista” architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch refurbished it in 1925.

The Montserrat Mountains have weird shapes and rounded peaks that jut into the sky. It was declared Natural Park in 1987. Montserrat is an ideal place to practice nature-based sports: climbing, hiking, cycling. The area of the Sanctuary of Montserrat and surrounding villages have created the project “Portals de Montserrat” to develop familiar, sustainable and responsible tourism. They also promote local gastronomy labelled “Gastronomia de Montserrat”. You can taste and buy local products at the farmers’ market on Montserrat square.

The Basilica of Montserrat

The Basilica of Montserrat

Barcelona Guide Bureau promotes sustainable tourism. We recommend this day trip so you can disconnect for some hours from city centre and enjoy the quietness and mysticism of this marvellous place, almost touching the sky. Join our Daily Sightseeing Tour; it is the easiest way to visit Montserrat!

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