The markets in Barcelona were built in the 10th century, although back in the Roman times there were all kinds of trades and exchanges taking place in the narrow streets of the old town.

Mercat de la Boqueria

Fresh fruit at the Boqueria Market

Barcelona has 39 food markets and 4 non-food markets where the locals go to buy their everyday fresh and seasonal products. The most famous markets are Mercat de la Boqueria and Mercat de Santa Caterina which, located right in the heart of the city and being close to the sea, they have always been the entrance to all exotic products from overseas, as well as offer fresh fish from the Port and local produce.

Mercat-de-Santa-Caterina 1647_Foto_1

There are also several flea markets in Barcelona, either temporary or permanent. They are great for collectors and people looking for antiques, records, miniatures, old books or second-hand goods.

Mercat dels Encants - the biggest flea market in Barcelona

Mercat dels Encants – the biggest flea market in Barcelona

The Mercat dels Encants is the number one flea market in Barcelona. Dated from the 14th century it was always an outdoors market in a terrain in plaça de les Glòries, next to the Torre Agbar. It is worth visiting not only for the large variety of products you can find, but also to see its new location, with a large deck that covers and shades the market, while preserves the feeling of an outdoor market. It is right next door to the Hub del Disseny building that houses the Museum of Design.

Discover more about our markets with a private Shopping Tour dedicated to markets. If you prefer a general overview check our Neighborhood Tours: you can visit the Mercat dels Encants with the Smart City Tour or a typical local market with the Labyrinth Tour.

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