L'Ou com Balla (the Dancing Egg)

L’Ou com Balla (the Dancing Egg) – Cloisters of Barcelona’s Cathedral

It is only one week a year, that Barcelona eggs go out dancing in fountains throughout the Gothic Quarter. It is actually one of the best moments to see the Gothic Quarter, as gardens and cloisters open their doors and invite you to see the most magnificent fountains decorated with flowers. And, on top, the Ou com Balla – the dancing egg – for how long can it keep up on the jet of water?


Can an egg dance over a jet of water?

See it for yourself in many gardens and cloisters in the Gothic Quarter. Look for a quiet spot, and you will be mesmerized by the egg’s movements, popping up and down the jet of water – suddenly falling off and up it goes again. Notice the calming sound of water and smell the fresh flowers that decorate the fountain. The beauty and simplicity of the egg dancing over water will keep you watching it for ages.

What’s the trick? The egg is an empty shell.


Where does it come from?

It all started at least in 1440! as part of the Corpus Christi celebration. Proof of it are the accounting books of the Cathedral, which in 1440 listed the cloister’s decorations for Corpus Christi Day and included some eggs.

L’ou com balla or, the dancing egg, is simbolised by 3 elements: the egg, water and abundancy of flowers. It simbolises regeneration and fertility, typical of the season of Spring.


When and where you can see the danging egg?

This year it takes place from 27 May to 5 June, during Corpus Christi. The date changes slightly every year, 60 days after Easter Sunday.

You can find arrangements in 19 gardens and cloisters in Barcelona, the majority in the Gothic Quarter. The most famous places are the Cathedral of Barcelona, Casa de l’Ardiaca, Sant Joan de Déu hospital and l’Ateneu Barcelona.

Don’t want to miss a thing? The best way is to go with a local expert guide. It is a great oportunity to discover all the secret spots in the Gothic Quarter, also because many gardens and cloisters are especially open for the day – our favourite option is with the Private La Rambla & The Gothic Quarter – Walking Tour.


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