Hotel & hostel accommodations in Barcelona

Hotel and hostel accommodations in Barcelona

A city where you can experience a piece of history in each corner. Its cultural richness and playful broad range makes that every year millions of tourists look for hotel in Barcelona. Last year 8,303,609 travellers stayed in hotels and hostels (growing 5.4% between foreign and Spanish).

Choosing where to stay is a vital aspect to consider. We recommend the best areas to book your hotel. Depending always on traveller tastes and the trip you’re looking for: quiet away from the center or nearby to the frenetic atmosphere of this city (especially by night).

Keep reading and you will have the possibility to compare areas and match them with your requirements.

Let’s decide your hotel in Barcelona according to Barcelona’s main districts:


Ciutat Vella

Get lost around this area plenty of vintage shops, emblematic squares and nice and affordable hostels to realize about the essence of Barcelona. In fact, the beauty of the Ciutat Vella is its narrow and cobbled streets.

Our recommendation, if you choose your hotel in this area you will live the real nightlife of Barcelona. However, it is definitely not the most quiet area and it is quite crowded. Moreover, there are many pick pockets waiting any distraction so be alert.

>> Barri Gòtic, the most famous quarter in Barcelona

The Barri Gòtic (as we call it in Catalan) is a part of the Ciutat Vella (Old Town) and as in Roman times the center of all activity in the city. The main sights in the Gothic Quarter are the Cathedral, Plaça Reial and the seafront.

>> Other trendy neighborhoods: Born, Barceloneta and Raval

Don’t miss also the Born! There are many paths to reach the same site but I challenge you to take the same route twice… impossible mission! You will capture Barcelona’s commercial tradition, culture and cuisine in these streets.

Other two parts bordering Ciutat Vella are: Barceloneta, the beach area which despite being the busiest streets during the summer retains great fishing inspiration, and Raval, further inland city.


Cathedral in the Gothic Quarter

Cathedral in the Gothic Quarter


An area full of beautiful squares and bars open until the wee hours of the morning making it the ideal place to go out but not the best place to sleep. For years this neighborhood is filled with organic shops and a bohemian spirit that surprises and delights during the day. There is no shop like another! Just explore the one you like the most.

Please note that from 15th August to 21st August 2016 Gracia celebrate its big week and the neighbours and shops dress these streets with creative decorations. By night there are many concerts and live music in this area so again not the quietest place to be.

Terraces in Gràcia

Terraces in Gràcia


Eixample is a very large district situated just north of Gran Via. You will recognise it for the modernista style, its long straight streets, wide avenues, and square blocks with rounded corners. Eixample means «expansion» because this was the area where Barcelona was expanded completely different from the ancient and narrow streets of Ciutat Vella. This part starts in Plaça Catalunya and go north on Passeig de Gràcia.

>> Passeig de Gràcia

Passeig the Gràcia is one of the most important avenues of the city where the most exclusive designers in the world want to have their store. The most glamorous hotels are also in Paseo de Gracia as in the days of splendor of the Modernisme Catalan the wealthiest families competed with each other for having the most beautiful house on the avenue. That’s why it is called the “Controversial Apple» or “The block of Discord”.

Walk through and don’t miss: the Casa Amatller (1898-1902) by the architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch; the Casa Lleó Morera (1902-1905), by Lluis Domenech i Montaner; and the attractive Casa Batlló (1904-1906) by Antonio Gaudí. And at the other side of the sidewalk you will also find another Gaudí’s wonderful creation, La Pedrera (also called Casa Milà).

>> Eixample Esquerre

Barcelona is well-kown for being one of the most liberal and progressive cities in the world. In fact, this city has its own gay neighborhood or “gayborhood”, located in Eixample close to Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes (called «Gaixample» too). This district has many gay-friendly shopping, hotels, restaurants and a huge nightlife.


Houses in Paseo de Gracia

Houses in Paseo de Gracia

For congresses

If yours is a business trip maybe the best option is to get a hotel close to the airport or outside the city center. You will find quiet and modernist hotels near FC Barcelona stadium and the different locations of Fira de Barcelona. Forum, Montjuïc and Sants are good communicated areas close to the respective fairs conferences. The most important thing is that your hotel is near the area of the congress because remember that traffic in Barcelona at certain times can be tricky. Nobody wants to be late to an important meeting.



What’s your plan in Barcelona?

Organize your trip with time and take the most of this city. We have specialized in guided visits, so we don’t manage hotel bookings, but we recommend you using the following websites:


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