Great views and amazing chimneys at the rooftop of la Pedrera, Casa Mila by Gaudi

La Pedrera – Casa Milà was built by Antoni Gaudí for the Milà family and finished in 1911. Its sculptured form has made it a reference piece in the past and nowadays. It is impossible to pass through Passeig de Gràcia without noticing this outstanding masterpiece.

Getting more into detail with this building, here are 5 curious facts you didn’t know about…

Did you ever notice these curiosities from the Catalan architect?

  • The chimney stacks and Star Wars Resemblance

For those Star Wars fans, have you ever seen that La Pedrera has chimney stacks with a peculiar form that can remind you of the famous storm troopers or even Darth Vader?
Some say George Lucas was once in Barcelona and got inspired by visiting La Pedrera to reflect these chimney stacks on some of his characters from the saga. What are your thoughts on the similarity?

  • The architecture gallery’s form

This gallery is essential to understand the main reason for the shapes Gaudí uses in his unique architecture style. In fact, the gallery itself is in a room which has an animal-like shape. If you look on top, you will be able to discover you’re in room which feels like the interior skeleton of a snake.

  • Time traveling visit to the ancient furnished apartment – Casa Milà

This house was conceived mainly for being the Milà’s apartment, where they lived and where in our days, this apartment is still complete with antique furniture. You will be able to see how the room’s distribution was from the maid’s room to the kitchen and even the Milà Family member’s room to see how they used to live back then.

  • The impossibility of placing a piano

The completely innovative structure of this building makes it really hard to place furniture since it’s barely impossible to find straight walls. This construction got people confused as there were those who were really excited about it and others who were completely against this innovative idea. Mrs. Milà once was frustrated because she couldn’t place a wall piano in the building for Roser Sergimon. They say Antoni Gaudí suggested her to learn to play the violin.

  • The mysterious handles by Gaudí

One of the most curious details to keep in mind is the variety of handles Antoni Gaudí made up for different doors, windows, or drawers. At the end of the architecture gallery, you’ll be able to see an audiovisual showing all of the handles he made, their main purpose, and how to properly use them.
Let’s see if you spot them all along the apartment…
You can also buy these handles at the souvenir shop where you will also find mugs or magnets with these handles which feel so satisfying…

These are the kind of details you need to know for completing your experience and making the best out of it. Join us in one of our tours if you want to discover all the details behind every sightseeing spot there is in this wonderful city.

2 comments on “5 Curious things you didn’t know about La Pedrera – Casa Milà

  • Very good article! For those who love Gaudi’s work, last time I was in Barcelona I visited a 4D cinema near Parque Güell where they show you the history behind his buildings and it was amazing!

  • I have visited the amazing Sagrada Familia Cathedral a few years ago, and am now (re-)reading ‘Origin’ by Dan Brown, have »experienced’ the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, and of course, now have some idea about the Casa Mila. Mindbogling and utterly fascinating. If time and circumstances allow, I hope to see both fabulous Gaudi creations in future years.

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