Voices of Montserrat during a concert

The Escolania de Montserrat during a concert

One of the most prized jewels of the Sanctuary is the voices that compose the Choir of Montserrat (in Catalan: Escolania de Montserrat). It is one of the oldest children choirs in Europe. There are documents dating from the fourteenth century that corroborate this religious and musical institution. Its existence is as old as younger is the age of the children who come to join the group. An integration that is synonymous with full dedication to classical music and the capacity to offer concerts in front of a large audience.

These angelic voices have already returned from summer vacation so don’t miss it! It’s the best moment to find the real peace of the mountain. You can listen every day except Saturday, at 13h and at 18:45h. Sunday schedules are singing: 11h, 12h, and 18:45h. We recommend you to visit it during the evening when there are less people and you can taste the magic and spirituality of the shrine in all its fullness. A unique experience that you will remember while travelling to Montserrat!

Respect to the seasons, Spring and Autumn are our favourites because it is less dark and less cold than during the winter. Hurry up and organize your trip! If you want to enjoy it in total comfort, try a private tour that will take you to the mountain in a luxury vehicle.

Escolania of Montserrat

Escolania de Montserrat

How big is the choir and where do they come from?

The group is composed of fifty children from nine to fourteen years old from not only Catalonia but also from the Balearic Islands, Valencia and even other European countries.

Most of them are internal and they study Primary school and early Secondary, without forgetting complete training in musical studies. They study two instruments. One is piano and a second one to choose between instruments of the orchestra, besides Musical Language, Interpretation and Orchestra and Choral (the specialty Escolanía).

If you attend any of its concerts you will enjoy the tunes of Renaissance, Romanticism and contemporary authors. An amazing moment!

The young singers are in Montserrat from Monday to Friday and every Friday afternoon they go home with the family, and return on Sunday to sing at Mass and Vespers. Families usually are together in the centre that day.

Despite his young age, children are travelled with their music around the world: the United States, Russia, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, China, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Hungary, Vatican city, Puerto Rico, Netherlands, Andorra, Luxembourg, UK, Canada, Monaco, Austria, Israel and Portugal are some of the countries they have visited.

The selection of the boys is careful considering voice and musical language, school performance and adaptation and sociability so that everybody knows the high level and quality of its concerts.

Now you can relax with these angelic voices:

Are you waiting for more? Don’t miss them at one of their concerts in Catalunya or around the world and check its their agenda. It will be a pleasure for your ears!

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