Nothing is art if it does not come from nature. – Antoni Gaudí     Planning a trip to Barcelona with your family? We propose to enjoy all cultural options searching a fun way for our kids to discover them with the whole family together. Gaudí’s monuments are perfect for this. Gaudí loved nature… Read More

Typical American tourist

  We’re always looking for things to do when travelling, but it is just as well to consider some things you should not do. There was a time the first thing we would have said was not to wear the Mexican hat. I’m not sure if people have learned or they have got tired of… Read More

Joan Callis at the 25th anniversary of BGB

Com hem canviat! Des del 1990 i amb vistes cap al futur, acompanyats pel President, Joan Callís Benvolguts amics, El passat 22 d’Octubre vàrem fer una festa per celebrar el 25è aniversari de la nostra empresa. El lloc escollit va ser la planta noble de l’edifici La Casa de la Seda, on tenim la nostra… Read More