There are lots of ways to plan your Barcelona vacation. You could spend days reading guidebooks, checking travel reviews, and coordinating all your bookings, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get something close to your ideal trip. (Although if you go that route, you might spend as much time planning your trip as you will sightseeing in Barcelona).

Or… you could get in touch with the Barcelona travel experts at BGB and let us do all the work for you.

We love Barcelona

Almost 30 years ago, we launched BGB with one goal in mind: To help visitors to our beautiful city uncover its secrets and enjoy its charms in an unforgettable way. We even created the first-of-its-kind Tour Guide Training Centre to make sure our licensed guides were so perfectly trained and prepared, they could answer any question about the city, its historical sites and attractions, and give our guests the ultimate Barcelona experience.

We love Barcelona—and it shows in every tour we lead. Whether you join a group on one of our daily tours or let us create the perfect personalized private tour experience for you and your party, our passion for our city and what we do shines through.

Want to know more? Meet our team of behind-the-scenes professionals and awesome guides.

Walk straight in the Sagrada Familia

Walk straight in the Sagrada Familia with our guides

But enough about us…

Your Barcelona holiday is all about you. That’s why we go the extra mile to make your visit comfortable, convenient, and… fun.

We do things like giving you VIP admission to Barcelona’s top attractions—you don’t want to waste your vacation standing in line!

  • Things like matching you with a guide who speaks your language. How much fun will you have if you can’t communicate with the person leading your tour or miss half the stories because they’re speaking another language? For private tours, we arrange guides in different languages than English too.
  • Things like using a modern, luxurious fleet of vehicles including roomy, air-conditioned and coaches with panoramic windows for our sightseeing tours and top-of-the-line BMW and Mercedes Benz sedans and SUVs for our private excursions. You’ll travel Barcelona in style.
  • Things like connecting you with only the best, most highly recommended activities in Barcelona. If you want to take in a night of flamenco or cruise around the Barcelona harbor in a traditional sailing ship, you can count on us to get great value for your money and ensure you have a fantastic experience.

And if you want us to create a customized 3-, 5-, or 8-day itinerary of unforgettable Barcelona experiences professionally curated just for you… consider it done. We help you do Barcelona your way.

Long queue to access to Sagrada família. Photo: Jonathan Grevsen

Giving back to Barcelona

We love our city, and we know the best way to preserve its charm and beauty for our visitors today and for years to come is to care for our environment and give back to our community.

That’s why we are patrons of Santa Maria del Pi and promote and support the funding project to restore this spectacular 14th-century basilica.

It’s why we promote sustainable shops and restaurants that embrace local produce and farm-to-table cuisine.

It’s why we use low-emission vehicles and travel by AVE high-speed train on our Dalí Museum and Girona tours.

We even care about noise pollution—so we use whisper-guide radio systems on our group tours so you can hear your guide, but passers-by are blissfully unaware.

We were the first tour operator in the world to meet the Biosphere Responsible Tourism Standards. It’s proof of our commitment to economic, social, cultural, and environmental balance—and we’re incredibly proud that we continue to meet and exceed those standards. In fact, we’re one of the only companies offering a wholly focused and dedicated sustainable tour of Barcelona for our guests who are committed to responsible tourism.

When you travel with us, you’re not only having an unforgettable holiday experience, you’re giving back to Barcelona and promoting responsible, sustainable tourism. Who could ask for more?

Booking with Barcelona Guide Bureau

Let us take the pain out of planning your Barcelona adventure. When you get in touch, you’re connected with a knowledgeable, professional travel advisor who takes time to understand what you want from your trip. Your advisor will ask the right questions, make suggestions and recommendations, help you design the perfect itinerary, and handle all your bookings in one simple transaction.

But your support system doesn’t end once we take your payment—it’s only the beginning of our relationship with you. We’re here for you for the entire duration of your trip. Our emergency phone system keeps you constantly connected to help and advice, 7 days a week, from 7 am to 11 pm. You’re never on your own when you tour with BGB—and that kind of security is priceless.

Rest assured, your financial information is safe with us. We use state-of-the-art encryption and take every precaution to protect your personal data.

We’re proud of our reputation as a trusted travel partner in Barcelona. Check out some of our top corporate customers and local business partners who rely on us for their travel needs. You’re in good hands with the team at Barcelona Guide Bureau.

How can we help?

Have a question? Ready to discuss your trip to Barcelona? We’re here for you. You can get in touch with us by email or phone, whatever works for you. We’d love to hear from you and we’re excited to help you plan your trip.

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