Find out what a dragon and a school have in common in Barcelona…

Ah, Barcelona! Home of Gaudí, the Sagrada Família, and Camp Nou; Barcelona is famous for many reasons. 

No trip to Barcelona would be complete without seeing the incredible works of Gaudí, and Park Güell is one of the best examples of the visionary architect’s incredible and unusual style. 

What is Park Güell?

Park Güell is a public park in the heart of Barcelona. Its 19 hectares are home to the Gaudí House Museum, the Dragon Walkway, a Greek Theatre, a primary school and the Casa del Guarda. There are also hundreds of plants and trees, many play areas and beautiful viewing points, making it a wonderful break away from the bustling city streets.

Park Güell in Barcelona

Park Güell in Barcelona

Must-sees in the Park Güell

Although much of the park is accessible to everyone, a small part—just 1.5 hectares—is access controlled. This area is where the incredible genius of Gaudí can be seen most easily. 

Explore the sinuous, winding benches, the organically shaped covered walkways, and the mosaic-covered Dragon Walkway. Wonder at the combination of Modernism and extreme naturalism in the turreted buildings and mosaic-covered walls.

The best way to see Park Güell

You can get to Park Güell via the metro and either a bus, shuttle or a short walk from one of two stations close by. Then wait in line for timed tickets to the restricted area and walk around with the crowds.

But we always think the better way is with our guided walking tour. We’ll pick you up in the morning and take you by coach straight to the Park. You skip the queues and we’ll guide you around when it’s not so busy yet, telling you all the stories and bits of history that only a true local guide can share.

And if you’d like to appreciate the wonders of Sagrada Família and the Park Güell, why not treat yourself to a private tour of these two masterpieces. We’ll do all the hard work, while you simply marvel.

I hope I’ve convinced you that Park Güell is not to be missed. If you’re ready to start planning your trip or have any questions, I’m ready for you.

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