Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the artworks of the artist, sculptor and engraver Jaume Plensa exhibits at the Palau de la Musica Catalana these days. The first one on the outside, surprising locals and tourist who pass by, and others three inside the Art Nouveau building. Come to the cafeteria and you will contemplate the beauty and originality of his creations!


«The sculpture is ideal for creating spaces and have tried to conceive a bridge between place and society», said Jaume Plensa, who has clarified that «all works revolve around the human being as a tribute to the music, but also to the body vibration».


The exhibition starts with ‘Carmela’ on the outside of the Palau, a iron sculpture, 4.5 meters height of a «classical Mediterranean beauty» that is located in a «virtual corner», as the figure seems to change depending on the perspective and the place where the observer is. Go around to get a different perspective of it! This artwork has been associated with memory: «We compress our memories, as I compressed a ‘Carmela’, which I think is a sculpture it works very well with this search whether we are full or not». You can contemplate ‘Carmela’ until September 18.

Carmela by Jaume Plensa

Carmela by Jaume Plensa

The next sculpture free access, under the name of ‘Silent music III’ is a work made of stainless steel and marble painted in white colour with lights that simulates a human made with musical notes. Plensa consider it as «a metaphor for society, because every stone is different». The figure is another tribute to the «common alphabet» of music. A written form with notes which creates a silhouette at the hall of the Foyer of the Palau. You can contemplate these sculptures, located inside the Palau, until May 16. Apart from these free sculptures, we recommend you do the tour and appreciate all the works as the ones in the Room Millet.

Silent music III by Jaume Plensa

Silent music III by Jaume Plensa

Other artworks of Plensa

Sanna’s dream’ and ‘Rui Rui’s Dream’ are the only works that the sculptor does not expose for the first time. Created in 2014, are two meters high showing the faces facing of two young girls. One from Shanghai and another from Sweden to transmit internationalization as a small fragment of the society that is extrapolated globally. «I followed the idea of ​​the portrait, not specifically, but to make a picture of all of us», explained Plensa. Don’t miss them at the room Lluís Millet of the Palau!


The Catalan artist returns to Barcelona, ​​a city that for him has meant «a relationship waiting» with artworks that offer a «fleeting beauty» in contrast to the traditional modernism. «An exhibition begins when it ends, because it is when the vacuum is generated note, the ephemeral», he said. And for that there is not better place to host these creations that the modernist building of the Palau. Don’t you think?

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