Don't miss on any delicous food: gluten-free croissants

Dont miss on any delicious food: gluten-free croissants

Whether you are celiac or follow a gluten-free lifestyle, here are a few tips to consider when travelling to Barcelona

>> Check the List of Restaurants suitable for Celiac People. It has been supervised by the Barcelona Restaurant Association and the Celiac Association of Catalonia.

>> Download CeliCity, Gluten-free Social Network. Sadly it is only in Spanish but you can manage with the map and it has the most up to date information about gluten-free restaurants, bakeries and stores.

>> Read about other travellers’ experiences. Jessica’s Gluten-free Guide to Barcelona is very useful.

Barcelona has greatly improved in recent years, many restaurants have gluten-free menus and are aware of gluten intolerance. To overcome the language barrier, be sure to remember: “Soy celíaco” (I am celiac) and “sin gluten” (without gluten).

The Mediterranean diet is not only about bread and pasta: Extra-virgin olive oil, ripe tomatoes and sweet peppers, salad greens, immaculately fresh seafood, plenty of legumes, rice and, not to forget, always accompanied by a glass of red wine. The Mediterranean and gluten-free diets are easily united, just be a bit cautious and enjoy Barcelona’s gastronomy! By the way, jamón and paella are absolutely gluten-free!

Did we miss some useful gluten-free information in Barcelona? Tell us about it!


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