In Catalonia we love to meet and savor the traditional cuisine of every region, frequently on street lunch parties.

Any excuse is good to get together and enjoy a botifarra, arròs caldós, calçots, etc. The party often coincides with seasonal food like the calçot, which is a grilled long green onion that you eat dipping it in a nut and red pepper-based sauce called romesco.

Calçot eating contest in Valls

Calçot eating contest in Valls – you are all invited!

Last Sunday in Poble Espanyol was a “calçotada popular”, a street lunch party with calçots, part of the Santa Eulalia’s Winter Festival. Poble Espanyol is located at the Montjuïc Mountain and, conceived as a real village, it reproduces a selection of full-scale replicas of buildings from different parts of Spain. You can visit it with our Montjuïc Tour or the All Barcelona Highlights Tour.

Assisting to one of these street lunch parties is a great way to get to know the local cuisine, but if none coincides with your visit, there are several emblematic restaurants in Barcelona that offer traditional meals like escudella (Catalan soup and stew), veal with mushrooms, cannelloni or roast chicken.

Can Cullaretes - The oldest restaurants of Barcelona

Can Cullaretes – More that 200 years cooking in Barcelona

The oldest restaurant in Catalonia, second in Spain according to the Guiness Records, is in Barcelona and it dates back to 1786. In the Restaurant Can Culleretes you can taste typical Catalan and Mediterranean meals, made as home made.

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