bobin lace

Bobbin Lace


Catalonia has preserved a great variety of arts and trades. All over the region traditional trades like lace cushion making, especially in Arboç, or palm leaves and ‘palmons’ (whitened palm leaf displayed on Palm Sunday) are still practiced. The trade of basket making or pottery and tile making has not been lost either, with industries in Bisbal de l’Empordà. Catalonia also has a rich heritage of sun dials and folk knowledge, like herbalist, which has been passed down through the generations.

Some villages organize Handicrafts fairs as the ‘Fira del Cistell’ (Basket Fair) in the town of Salt organised by the ‘Associació Catalana de Cistellaires’ (Catalan Association of Basket makers) or pottery fairs about ceramics and tile making, like the market of Catalan Pottery, which is held in Quart.

The Festive Handicrafts of Main Festivals is ephemeral because it disappears when the celebration ends. In Catalonia, some of the most popular manifestations of this art are the street decorations of the Main Festivals of Gràcia, the gypsy palm leaves or the flower carpets of Sitges and Girona.

In Barcelona, you can find some crafts shops in Ferran street (near Sant Jaume square), near Pi square (same zone) and in Banys Nous street there is a show room of Catalan handcrafts (Centre Català d’Artesania). Another special place could be the Poble Espanyol where you can find silver hand craft, wood, metal, crystal and paintings.

Barcelona Guide Bureau visits all these places with their Daily Tours. Another option could be a private shopping tour based on handcrafts shops.

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