Private tour Park Güell

Private tour Park Güell

You want to be sure to make the best of your stay when you book a private tour? Read these 5 tips!

Indeed, from April to November, it is the pick season in Barcelona and it could be difficult sometimes to obtain tickets to access to your favorite monument, to take the metro or just to relax between two visits in a restaurant.

Be sure to:

  1. See the city in a luxury transfer service
Private tour BGB

Private tour BGB

Relax yourself in a comfortable and air conditioned van with uniformed chauffeur. From the airport, your cruise ship or your hotel, a private transfer service will pick you up wherever you are. Once you are ready, let´s go to visit this marvelous city full of history!

  1. Choose the Barcelona you like, personalizing each step of your visit

Not two clients are the same. And a lot of different Barcelonas exist. From the typical visits at the Picasso Museum, the Sagrada Familia, to the most bespoke ones for your children, friends, business or even better half if you are on honeymoon, ask for your IDEAL day, personalize it with professionals, and live it! Our suggestion: going out of Barcelona to discover a Bodega of Cava.

  1. Save your time and skip the line with reserved tickets

dali horlogeWhen you book a private tour with a tourism agency, you plan everything with them. The timing, places to visit, where to eat etc. It is important to be sure that with your tickets, you will skip the line at monuments to enjoy the best of the experience.

Do not lose a minute!

  1. Discover stories with an official guide
Daily Tours at Park Guell

Daily Tours at Park Guell

A friendly official guide and even an interpret will show you the best of each place. Always with small anecdotes and big secrets. Come to the façade of the Sagrada Familia to discover chinese faces, to the secret patio next door to the Casa Batllo, or to the Montserrat hill to meet the black Madonna, and let the guide tell you their mystery!

  1. Get reservation at restaurants or even tickets for concerts!

During your private tour, if you need to book a table for lunch time or dinner, the best suitable restaurant in town will be recommended to you. From tapas to gourmet cuisine, let yourself be drawn into the last trendy places.

Good to know if you are interesting in local things to do in Barcelona, or if you want to see a specific concert or football match, tickets can also be booked in advance for you.


–> So, are you ready to live the real Barcelona,  the one that you have chosen?

4 comments on “5 Benefits of Choosing a Private Tour

  • My husband and I want to go on a tour around Europe in the fall. However, we don’t even know where to start. I like what you said about when you have a tour guide, you have a personalized trip! We could plan all of the things that we want to do, and have someone who knows the area plan it all for us, so we get the most out of our vacation.

  • I was thinking about getting a private tour for our anniversary. Knowing that a private tour can help us through recommendations of the best restaurants or concerts is simply wonderful. Honestly, being able to have somebody to aid us when it comes to locating the best place we could at a new destination will really be convenient. Thanks!

  • I really liked what you said about getting reservations for extra fun. This would make it more interesting to visit different parts of the places that you tour. As I look into going on a private tour in Iceland I will keep this trick in mind.

  • I like that you pointed out how private tours will be able to make us feel relaxed. As you mentioned, you will be riding in a private service after arriving at the airport or the ship. I will definitely choose this since we are going on a trip to unwind due to the stress at work wherein we were given short notice for the new project back then. This will help us get back on our feet.

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