Autumn in Barcelona

Autumn in Barcelona


Are you coming to Barcelona in autumn? Then let me congratulate you as this is one of the most wonderful seasons to visit the city. Don’t let the shorter days, colder evening and maybe a rainy day make you stay at your hotel. There are some seriously good things going on to warm you up during September, October and November.


Here’s our pick of the best things to do in autumn.


There are so many things to watch during Autumn in Barcelona! Trees start changing its leaves colors and that by itself is just a magic spectacle. Head to Montserrat and see this natural show in first-person. If you don’t have enough time to do a day trip, just visit one of the multiple parks in Barcelona and let yourself go by the decadent romanticism of the fall.

All the colors of the Fall at Montserrat Mountain

All the colors of the Fall at Montserrat Mountain

What about if you prefer watching films? Then the town of Sitges (40 kilometers south Barcelona) is the place to go. For the last 48 years and during a week, The Sitges Film Festival has brought together a sample of the most recent trends of the fantastic genre and has prescribed a reasonable good dose of horror and powerful emotions.


Of course, once in Barcelona, you must visit the main highlights of the city as Sagrada Familia, the Gaudí Houses, the National Museum (MNAC) or Park Guell.  But, the city also has some hidden gems: the cemeteries. Take some time to see:

Montjuic Graveyard: inaugurated in 1883 you will find here some of the most beautiful examples of Modernisme (Catalan Art Noveau) sculptures and enjoy a wonderful view of the city and the sea. Joan Miró and Isaac Albeniz are buried here.

The Kiss of Death - Poble Nou Graveyard autumn in Barcelona

The Kiss of Death – Poble Nou Graveyard

Poble Nou Graveyard: destroyed in 1813 by Napoleonic troops and reconstructed in 1819 the idea was to create a cemetery without social class distinctions, but the rich soon showed off anyway with elaborated mausoleums.


  • Wild mushrooms: They are found in the Catalan countryside during Autumn and are a delicacy that is reflected in the rich Catalan cooking tradition.  We locals do not “gather” mushrooms but we hunt them in secret and difficult-to-find locations only known by the expert “boletaires”.    So if you are only going to spend 2 days in Barcelona, you better head to the Boqueria (Patras) or St. Catherine Market in the Gothic Quarter and delight in front of piles of fresh funghi porcini (ceps), Saffron Milk cap Mushrooms (rovellons) or black chantarelles (trompetes de la mort).
Wild mushrooms that you will find in all food markets of Barcelona in Autumn

Wild mushrooms that you will find in all food markets of Barcelona in Autumn

  • Panellets: This is a must for those who have a sweet tooth. Panellets are small sweets made of almond paste and covered with what ever your imagination can think off: from the traditional pine nuts to mojito flavor. Enjoy the windows of Barcelona’s patisseries and indulge yourself with one or two to try them. If you want more information about these delicious little cakes check this post.
  • Roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes: They are a popular and warm snack that can be bought on the streets of Barcelona throughout the cooler months. Traditional stalls are scattered around the city, with a brazier to cook the seasonal fruit, that are sold in paper cones.


  • Catalunya has a long wine production and drinking tradition. More than 350 million bottles are produced each year, half of it being wine and the other cava. September is the month where this wine drinking culture is celebrated with many festivals – both at the start and at the end of the harvest.
Vineyards in the Penedes area in Autumn

Vineyards in the Penedes area in Autumn

Sangria is for “tourists” 🙂 Ask for a magic and sparkling bottle of Codorniu Cava or a good glass of a red and intense Priorat.  Or much better, go and see the wine cellars for yourself


Barcelona loves runners and runners love Barcelona. The city’s major parks, gyms and green spaces are the perfect places to stretch your legs. You’ve got plenty of places to train with different difficulty levels, close to the sea and into the mountain.

The most important running events that take place in Barcelona during Autumn are:

  • La Cursa de la Mercè: Running since 1978 and organized by the Ajuntament, this race is an urban 10 kilometer circuit through the most emblematic streets of the city.  The inscription fee is quite cheap (5 euros) and is mainly destined to no profit organizations like Unicef or Unesco.
Running along the waterfront

You can still take advantage of the mild climate in Autumn to run along Barcelona’s waterfront

  • The Jean Bouin: Since 1920 Barcelona has organized this popular race – it’s the oldest existing athletic event in Spain. During the last edition more than 10.000 people participated in it.

Check: Our 5 recommendations for running in Barcelona. Which is your favourite place?

Party Hard

September is the month of Barcelona’s City Festival (Festes de la Mercè). A whole week of multiple cultural, sports and musical events. There is sure something for everybody – things to do with kids, fireworks, street art, human towers, outdoor concerts and much more.

Barcelona City festival Autumn

September is the month for city festivals

Don’t miss: Festa Major de La Barceloneta. The old fishermen quarter celebrates it’s own festival during the first week of October.


While you are in Barcelona forget about baseball or football. Here the game is all about soccer and Futbol Club Barcelona. For many, Barça is considered the best team of the world and much more that just a club. Players like Leo Messi, Iniesta, Piqué or Neymar are the new idols and attending a match like Barça vs Real Madrid is an experience you will not forget.

Be part of it and buy your tickets here. The season runs from August to May.

Check out this web for more inspiration on what to do in autumn in Barcelona and we are eager to hear your ideas and suggestions in the comments.



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