Dear friends and customers of Barcelona Guide Bureau (BGB),

Our dear BGB, one of the beacons in the guiding business in Barcelona, filed for insolvency in 2021. It’s been a tough process, but finally last November some former BGB guides decided to rescue some of the assets and add up the BGB’s legacy to their own project, called Barcelona Experts. We have placed our hopes in this Barcelona Experts adventure, which started as soon as we were informed of the upcoming BGB shut-down .

Barcelona Experts is founded on three guides who have decided to focus on quality tourism, offering unforgettable visits to individual clients and agencies. We tailor-make the visits and consider that the visitor’s experience and the quality of the services are the pivotal point of all our efforts. We are in contact with all the BGB guides who are still active and will rely on them for their specialty visits.

On the other side, in order to achieve better customisation of the tours we have decided to discontinue offering regular visits.

We wait for you in Barcelona, so that you can enjoy it with Barcelona Experts.

For the time being, you can find us on as well as on  

Abel, Anna Lluïsa and Sònia

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