Love is in the air in Barcelona and in our Daily Sightseeing Tours

Love is in the air in Barcelona and in our Daily Sightseeing Tours

Sant Jordi is the Patron Saint of Catalonia and the symbol of love in Catalonia too. The legend of Sant Jordi (Saint George) tells us how he killed the dragon to save the princess and from the dragon’s blood was born a red rose which he handed to her.

Sant Jordi is our Saint Valentine’s, on April 23rd we all go out to find a rose and a book for our loved ones, the atmosphere created is unique!

Love is in the air in Barcelona this week but love is in our Daily Sightseeing Tours all year round!


Picasso - mothers love

Portrait of Picasso’s mother

1. Mother’s love

Picasso became a famous painter when his parents, and especially his mother, encouraged him to practice and learn more about his talent. We can see how Picasso transfers his Mother’s love into his portraits with light colours. Follow Picasso’s footsteps with our Picasso Museum and Gothic Quarter Walking Tour!


2. Young love

Two heirs of important families with a long wine tradition fell in young love and married in 1659. Anna Codorníu and Miquel Raventós were united and continued with the wine tradition creating the Codorníu Caves. Get a taste of their love in our Montserrat & Codorníu Wine Cellars Tour!


3. Eternal love

Eternal love Gala Dalí

Gala and Dalí

Dalí first encountered Gala who was to become his life-long partner as his eternal love. Dalí referred to Gala as ‘my intimate truth, my double, my one,’ and frequently signed his works as ‘Gala Salvador Dalí’, a reflection of how united they had become as a couple. Gala is celebrated so often throughout Dalí’s paintings and writings that she is a familiar feature of his iconography. Take the journey of surrealism with our Dalí Museum Tour!


4. Romantic love

Saint George fights the dragon to save the princess and gain her love. What can be more romantic? Look carefully at the façade of Casa Batlló, can you see the dragon’s scales? The whole legend is represented there, with the sword and even the rose. Its Gaudí’s way of saying he loved his own Catalan culture and traditions. Find out more with The Gaudí Tour!


5. Symbolic love

Pont Princesa bridge in Girona by Marc Marti

Pont de la Princesa in Girona

If there is a modern symbol of love it is bridges. It is frequently said in European cities that if you kiss your partner under a certain bridge your love will be eternal. The Federico Moccia novel awoke the young lovers’ passions who symbolised their love attaching padlocks to bridges. If there is a city in Catalonia famous for its bridges that is Girona, we even have our own version of Moccia Bridge: el Pont de la Princesa. Come with us in our Dalí Museum and Girona Tour!


6. Spiritual love

Love for God’s work throughout history has been the inspiration for many artists, who blend their creations with nature. Gaudí designed the Sagrada Família making the tallest tower just under the highest mountain of Barcelona, Montjuic. The Monks in Montserrat built a monastery for the Black Madonna in total harmony with the mountain and the environment. Discover more with our Montserrat Tour and Gaudí – the Sagrada Família Tour!


Come with us to the Daily Sightseeing Tours and you will fall in love with Barcelona, again and again…


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